COVID-19 Map

Help us build a map of self-diagnosed COVID-19 users by letting us know if you're well, or feeling symptoms.
We do not show any names or exact locations of any users & we keep your details 100% private.

Connect & Chat With Your Neighbours for FREE

Print the flyer or just write the text on some paper.

Pop it in as many of your closest neighbours letterboxes as you can.

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If you're able to help others with a bit of shopping, a pharmacy run, or lend something out, that's perfect, that's Naybly!
If you need help, need to borrow a ladder, some sugar or pasta to save a supermarket run, then just reach out to your neighbours.
‚ÄčAll you need to do is join & post a request. Your 20 closest neighbours will see your request & those who can offer help will connect.

It's free, secure & private & as easy to leave as it is to join.